Faith With Works Publishing Company/AA Back to Basics

Since 1997, the Back to Basics Foundation has been carrying Dr. Bob's "keep it simple" message of recovery to the A.A. community through the Back to Basics Beginners' meetings. To date more than 350,000 members of A.A. have taken the Twelve Steps in the more than 3,000 Back to Basics A.A. Beginners meetings and groups that have formed throughout the United States, Canada, and around the world.

We are a 501 (C) (3), not-for-profit, corporation. We serve the A.A. community by distributing recovery literature, posting Back to Basics A.A. meeting lists, and answering calls for help from those in need.

Although the Back to Basics Foundation is a service board that reports directly to those members of A.A. who have had their lives changed as the result of the Back to Basics A.A. Beginners meetings, we do not accept donations from any A.A. meeting or group. Since our inception, it has been our position that money collected during the Back to Basics A.A. meetings should be distributed, as per the group conscience, to the local Intergroup or Central Office, to the Area service structure, and to the General Service Office in New York City.

However we do accept donations from individual A.A. members who would like to assist us with our life-saving efforts. If Back to Basics has made a difference in your life and you have the financial resources to do so, we ask that you consider supporting the Back to Basics Foundation.

Mission Statement - Who We Are
The Back to Basics Foundation is dedicated to saving the lives of alcoholics by showing them the sheer simplicity of the "original" A.A. program of recovery and by guiding them through the Twelve Steps as they were taken by many of the A.A. pioneers in the 1940's. During this period of time, the A.A. recovery rate from alcoholism was 50-75%. We are seeing similar results today for those who are willing to remain involved in the Back to Basics A. A. Beginners' meetings for three to six months.
We accomplish our objective by coordinating the recovery efforts of the numerous Back to Basics A.A. Beginners' meetings and groups, answering questions as they arise, following up on Twelfth Step calls, and assisting groups with their registration at the local, area, and General Service Offices. We also conduct one day and weekend seminars based on the Back to Basics A.A. program and distribute recovery literature and other materials on the A.A. Beginners' meetings.